Zubits magnetic closures

Never tie laces again!

With Zubits® magnetic shoe closures, putting shoes on and taking them off is extremely easy. No need to tie, not too tight, no knots and no laces coming undone.

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Magnetic closures are attached to the shoes with existing laces. When the closures are loose, there is enough space to put the shoe on. The magnets can be connected easily and quickly with one click. To remove the shoe, all you have to do is step on the heel with the other foot and pull out the foot. 

By purchasing one set of Zubits magnetic closures, it can also be used on new shoes. The magnet never loses its strength.

Choosing the size of magnetic closures

Choosing the size of the Zubits magnetic closures actually means choosing the right strength for the magnet. Size is not related to shoe size. Closures in all sizes fit almost any size of shoe. 

Size 1 is weaker and size 3 is stronger. The higher the number, the stronger the force of the magnet. The smaller, the easier it is to pull off the closures. Most people consider size 2 to be the most suitable. Size 3 may be too strong for some to loosen the magnets. For example, for young children or older people. 

Size 1 is easier to open and is suitable for those who mostly walk calmly, for older people or people with special needs. However, size 1 may be too weak and open suddenly as an adult runs with it. Size 2 is safe enough for a regular jog. It is also currently the most popular size. However, if it is customary to tighten the shoelaces of the shoe or is actively doing sports, then size 3 is more suitable.

Sizes of magnetic closures

Zubits size 1 - for children, adults, older people and people with special needs 

Size 1 is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old or adults who prefer to walk calmly or wear light casual shoes. It is also suitable for older people and people with special needs. If the child is very active or tall, size 2 should be chosen instead.

Zubits size 2 - for young people and adults

Size 2 is suitable for children from the age of 8 and adults for running, playing, going to the gym and for daily exercise.

This is the best size for most adults. For very large feet or thicker shoes or when actively playing sports, it is recommended to use size 3.

Zubits size 3 - for adults and sports

Size 3 is suitable for adults who weigh more than 86 kg or those who are very active in sports. In addition, it is suitable for boots with stiffer soles or thicker shoes, and for people who like to tighten the laces.

Choosing the right size

Installing the magnetic closures

The set includes 2 pairs of Zubits magnetic closures and 4 Zubits Z-lace securing clips for convenient attachment and fastening of the tips of the laces. The package contains instruction on how to attach them. The set does not include shoelaces.

Zubits installation quide

Incorrect magnetic closures

Many other magnetic closures are also sold in stores, which may not be of high quality. The differences between Zubits and other closures are shown below. 

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