MyLace elastic laces

Saves time! Is practical! Fits every shoes!

Mylace - designed in Berlin saves time, is practical and fits every shoe. The laces for every shoe size and shoe - whether sneakers, low shoes, sports shoes, canvas, boots or ankle boots.

Thanks to the elastic, extremely stretchable material, laces adapt individually, increase comfort and at the same time protect your shoe. In addition, a large selection of colors makes it possible to individualize your shoe depending on the season, outfit or occasion.

The set includes 14 fasteners and it is suitable for one pair of shoes. The length of one fastener is 8 cm.

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Elastic laces adjusting

It is easy to adjust elastic laces. Start with the mylace laces from the bottom up. Insert one end through the countersunk hole. A small but sturdy plastic part attaches the lace from behind. Now thread the other end through a countersunk hole on the opposite side. Now fill in all the remaining holes.

You can tie your mylace laces in different thicknesses and styles. Try it! Let your ideas fly and design cool shoes!


The company of MyLace is taken a close look at the production processes and has been able to almost completely eliminate plastic. The same applies to the packaging and sales material such as flyers or sales stands in retail. At mylace, this is largely made from recycled paper. MyLace is constantly developing and improving in order to implement more sustainable processes step by step.

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