About Us

Kuukuup OÜ is the owner of the online store saapapael.ee.  

Our field of activity is the sale of various products in online stores.

The online store saapapael.ee was created because several times there was a need to replace long and colored boot laces with new ones, but finding suitable laces was quite difficult. 

Therefore, the idea arose to start importing them into the country and selling them in the widest possible range. Initially, the range of our products may still be small, but we definitely plan to expand it constantly.

When choosing the length of the laces, it is recommended to measure the existing laces in advance and buy the next ones accordingly. Different lengths of laces are suitable for different shoes, depending on the shape of the shoe and the type of the eyelets. The length of the laces also depends on how tightly they are tied. If you wish, it is always possible to come to our office to choose laces and check them with your own eyes in advance.

If you want to get shoe laces that are not on our site, be sure to let us know. We are also open for cooperation if you wish to resell the laces.

Our laces are comfortable and colorful 🙂 

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