LaceSpace laces

You wear shoes most of the day - so why settle for anything but the best shoelaces!

LaceSpace is a laces brand from Australia.

LaseSpace laces are not ordinary laces, but focus on providing the highest quality. The laces are made of premium cotton and polyester blends and lambskin leather.

LaceSpace laces are suitable for most shoes for both sports and everyday exercise.

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Measurement guide

The size quide shows the recommended sizes. They may differ depending on how the laces are tied.

For those who don't tie laces, we recommend the unbound version. However, for those who tie laces, they need longer laces and we recommend the tied version. 

The length of the laces is also affected by the size of the shoe.

The safest way to find out the right length is to measure the existing laces.

Size quide

Tying shoelaces

The laces can be tied both more gently and more strongly. Below is a guide on how to tie laces of different strengths.

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