Hickies elastic laces

The comfort you feel with every step!

Strong, flexible, comfortable and easy to use.

Hickies elastic laces are designed so that they only need to be installed once. Then the shoes can be put on and take off comfortably and quickly without tying the laces. 

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Suitable size. Always!

Shoes Hickies with elastic fastenings stay firmly on the foot and the fastenings are firmly attached. They are made from durable thermoplastic elastomer.

Sizes of Hickies

Hickies are available in two sizes: for children and adults.

Laces can be tie with tight or loose fit. They fit well with shoes made of different materials and with different eyelets: leather, fabric, metal rings, etc.

One package contains a suitable number of fasteners for one pair of shoes. There are 14 fasteners in the adult set and 10 in the children's set. The adult fasteners are 116 mm long and the children's ones 110 mm long.

Hickies styles

Hickies can be adjust in different ways. It depends on how tight you like the shoes.

Here are some possible ways. There are certainly many more of these possibilities, and fantasy can be used indefinitely 🙂 




Extra loose


Extra tight



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