Caterpy No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

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Caterpy laces strives to solve all shoelace issues. These issues range from inconsistency of tension throughout the shoe, lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes and inconvenience of tying laces. Caterpy laces are the perfect fit for convenience and performance.

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Caterpy shoelaces are good for different activities.

For active people, for example runners, triathletes, obstacle course racers, crossfitters, and gym-goers. For quick and easy putting on shoes for children. For health reasons use when the feet are swollen or the feet have poor blood circulation. To help prevent tripping and falling due to straps.

Shoelace Science

Strong outer nylon sheath designed to flex and last through the toughest conditions that out lasts any of our competitors. Innovative inner rubber core that will provide you the tension strength for the perfect fit you desire. Caterpy laces are approved by podiatrist and sport medicine doctors. They stretch during the day as your feet swell.

The Caterpy Air models has bumps at the end of the laces. On the Caterpy Run models, the laces are completely covered with bumps.

No tie laces adjusting

Caterpy No Tie Shoelaces adjusting is easy. They are adjusted in the same way as regular laces. Thanks to the small bumps on the laces, they can be fitted to each row on the shoe with different strengths. At the beginning it is advisable to loosen the lines and then tighten as needed.

No need readjust laces. The ends of the laces that are left over can simply be left out of the eyelets, put in shoes or cut off.

Caterpy laces can be attached in a variety of ways and use your imagination. You can also feel free to share your cool adjusting ways with us.

Caterpy Hair Ties

Caterpy's product range also includes hair ties with small bumps, similar to no tie elastic shoelaces.

  • No metal fasteners that break or damage hair causing split ends.
  • No resin adhesive that quickly wears out.
  • Bump structure holds hair securely without leaving a crease from being too tight.
  • High quality due to Japanese engineered under strict quality control standards.
  • Versatile because can be used as hair tie or bracelet.

Caterpy prillipaelad

Caterpy kummist prillipaeltel on sarnaselt saapapaeltega peal väikesed sõlmekesed. Neid on lihtne prillisangade külge kinnitada ning sobivad erinevas laiuses raamidega.

Sobivad eriti hästi sportlastele, kuna püsivad turvaliselt kinni.

Prillipaelte kinnitamisel või ära võtmisel ei tohi neid tirida sõlmekestega paelteosast, vaid kummist otstest.

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