Bodypride elastic laces

Give up tying the laces!

Bodypride elastic laces are good for anyone who wants to make their life easier. The laces are available in different colors. 

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Can be used in many ways

Bodypride laces can be used for various active activities and also for everyday activities. The laces are ideal for different shoes: sports and running shoes, work shoes, children's and leisure shoes, etc.

Reflectors are included with all laces. This makes the shoes look better in the dark.

Bodypride laces are developed in Germany. They are tested, durable and meet high quality standards.

Use of elastic laces

Bodypride laces are suitable for most shoes. The length of one lace is 120 cm.

Elastic laces are easy to install. The ends of the straps can be cut off if necessary and can be fastened together with the supplied plastic fastener. The set also includes a spring-loaded fastener that can be used to adjust how tight the laces are. 

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