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Uued paelad – Furries

Meil on nüüd müügil uued paelad Furries. Need on 10 mm laiused kuldsete metallist otstega ja on mõnusalt karvased 😊

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Mr.Lacy is the largest lace brand in the world!

Mr.Lacy laces are with the best quality using the latest technologies.

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LaceSpace best shoelaces!

LaceSpace is a shoe laces brand from Australia and focuses on providing the highest quality.

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Hickies comfort you feel every step of the way!

Hickies elastic laces are strong, flexible, comfortable and easy to use.

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Life becomes easy with Bodypride laces!

Bodypride elastic laces with reflective strips are tested, durable and meet high quality standards.

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Never tie laces again with Zubits magnetic closures!

Shoes can be put on extremely easily with Zubits magnetic closures. No need to tie, not too tight, no knots and no laces coming undone.

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MyLace laces are practical!

MyLace saves time, is practical and fits every shoes. Material is high quality, elastic and extremely stretchable.

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Feel the difference with Caterpy no tie elastic laces!

Caterpy laces strives to solve all shoelace issues. They stretch during the day as your feet swell.

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